Web based software

Web based software

Booking systems, POS, Apps, CRMs or any back office tools to help your business

Did you know that we don’t just build websites? We also love to build back-office solutions that involve problem-solving and thinking outside the box! We bring all our expertise to the table and find solutions that improve and streamline your working practices.

So what is ‘Web Software’?  Web software refers to computer programs or applications that are designed to run on web browsers and be accessed over the internet.

Web software is typically written in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and it may include server-side scripting languages such as PHP, Python, or Ruby.  Web software encompasses a wide range of applications, including websites, web-based applications, web services, and web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Examples of web software include booking systems, customer relationship management Systems (CRMs), property and business management solutions among others.

Web software allows users to interact with information, data, and services on the internet through their web browsers, making it a fundamental part of the modern digital landscape.


Whatever your requirements, please just give us a call and we can work with you to find solutions to streamline your business!

Below are a selection of systems that we have built to precise and detailed specifications.

Online bookings, online ticket sales, POS & trip management system

Plymouth Boat Trips tasked us to find a solution that would take all their manual processes and put them online. We built a complete solution allowing trip management for boat trips and ferries, management of the bookings as well as the online sale of trip tickets. In addition, we built an app to manage the passenger boarding process which included ticket scanning.

A complex but very rewarding project, it has transformed the way Plymouth Boat Trips go about its business, and we love working with them.

Customer relationship management (CRM) & lead management tool

ECO Environmental required a way of reliably tracking sales leads and opportunities generated both by their website and their sales team. This system has grown and been improved as working practices have evolved. They now have a comprehensive customer, sales & leads management system which takes the full journey of the sales enquiry from beginning to end including assigning professional surveyors around the country.

The system has completely streamlined the sales process at ECO and ensures that no opportunity is missed.

Business management tool & CRM for a multi franchise business transfer agent

The business transfer agent software we built for The EMF Group, is a specialised, bespoke type of web software designed to facilitate the process of buying and selling businesses. It provides tools and features to help the team at EMF to manage the entire lifecycle of a business sale transaction, from initial listing and marketing of businesses for sale, to managing enquiries, negotiations, documentation, and ultimately closing the deal.

In this case, it also includes a Franchisee management system – it is very complex, but works like a dream!

Business sales management tool & CRM

Very similar to the business transfer agent software we built for The EMF Group, this project was designed for the very specific working practices of Huntley & Partners. It is still designed to facilitate the process of buying and selling businesses and provides tools and features to manage the entire lifecycle of a sales transaction.

We would consider it a tailored version which nonetheless has transformed the way that Huntley & Partners manage their sales process.

Quote management & email system, integrated with 3rd party software

Hackworthy required an online quote management system to help streamline and automate the process of creating, managing, and sending quotes or estimates to customers or clients. It typically provides tools and features to create, customise, track, and manage quotes online, allowing them to efficiently manage their sales quotes and ensure accurate and timely communication with customers.

One great feature is that it links in seamlessly with their third-party software – MoveMan!

Student property management availability & ticket system

Plymouth Student Accommodation required two systems. One to manage their student properties which includes the property and room management, landlord management, tenancies and tenant management which change annually. Secondly, they required tenant ticket and reporting software to help streamline and automate the process of managing accommodation-related issues, improve communication and responsiveness, and enhance the overall student experience.

This is a very complex system built to very specific requirements. Plymouth Student Accommodation has been using it successfully for a number of years!

For every problem, there is a solution! 

In each case above, we have built a tailored solution that fits the requirements of our client exactly, not a close match!
An exact match!

Our back office systems are also built using industry-standard code.  The systems belong to you, the client, our systems are not subscription-based unless specifically requested.

We specialise in solving problems for our clients. 

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