Hackworthy & Sons

A bespoke content managed website and back office solution

The website

Hackworthy required a bespoke content-managed website solution that was tailored to their unique needs and requirements. 

In this case, a bespoke design and content-managed system provided a variety of benefits that helped the business to stand out and succeed in a competitive market.

In tandem with their marketing agency, we developed a website that provides clear and concise messaging and communicates the company’s services, values, and unique selling points tailored to the needs and preferences of the target audience.

It looks great too!!

Quotes management & CRM

We didn’t stop there though!   We also built a bespoke CRM system that is used to streamline their entire quotation process.

The system is designed to include all the necessary information for creating a quote, such as customer data, pricing, and discount rates.  It is also set up to track and manage the quote approval process, providing alerts to the sales team when quotes are ready for follow-up.

By integrating this process into the website,  Hackworthy has improved its efficiency,  accuracy,  and customer service, leading to greater customer satisfaction and increased sales.

A great project to work on!

Other projects & services...

In addition to this, we provide bespoke web hosting and continued ongoing support for all of their digital systems.

There is also the small matter of their sister business and website – Plymouth Self Storage.

This site provides clear messaging and communicates the benefits of using Plymouth Self Storage whilst providing comprehensive information about the storage available.

This site is also right at the top of the organic search results.

That’s a Win-Win!!

Overall, this website helped Hackworthy, a removal company in Plymouth, establish a strong online presence, communicate its value proposition, and attract new customers.

A comprehensive website with a unique graphical feel and lots of useful information.  Does very well in the organic listings.

In addition, we developed Hackworthy’s sister website – Plymouth Self Storage. 

This included building another bespoke ‘space’ calculator and an online reservation system.

Finally, we built an entire Back Office quotation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool, from the ground up, to a set of very specific requirements.

Automating much of what was a manual process this system has proved a huge time saver for the back office team at Hackworthy!

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